Telling Your Story

We’re pretty good at helping companies tell their story.  It’s what we do, and it’s a lengthy process of research, discovery, analysis and articulation.  In public relations, success in telling a company’s story relies on carefully identifying what is distinctive, compelling and unique about the company and then matching those messages with what the media see as interesting. Those two factors do not always intersect.

For example, we were once approached by a winemaker for a small winery who was having trouble getting the trade and media to pay attention to him.  He thought a wine PR firm might help get his story out.  As we talked, it emerged that the story he was telling (and his primary selling point) centered on his home winemaking accomplishments as his reason for launching a commercial wine brand.

After digging deeper into his story, we decided to focus on a different angle.  The winemaker had his own small vineyard around his home, which was located in a prestigious grape growing appellation.  We recast his story to highlight his own vineyard, which was unique to him, and the surrounding appellation, which added credibility and broader appeal to his story.

Ultimately the story must be genuine and it must speak to some of the core truths about the company.  But it’s just as important to have a story that speaks to the interests of its audience.  That’s a nuance of public relations story telling that often gets overlooked.

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