Mumm Napa – Harvest TV

When Mumm Napa hired Folsom + Associates for wine public relations, one of their stated objectives was to generate more coverage of the start of harvest at the winery.  As a sparkling wine house with vineyards in different regions of Napa Valley, they were usually the first winery in Napa to begin picking grapes.  The start of harvest at Mumm Napa had been covered by the media, including television, in the past, but coverage had fallen off.  The winery expressed interest in getting the press, particularly TV, back to the winery to cover the beginning of crush. Click here to see video: Wine Harvest 2

  • Goals

    • Revive media interest in the start of harvest at the winery

    • Generate TV coverage of the first day of harvest at this Napa Valley winery

  • Methods

    • Used start of harvest as news hook for larger business story on sparkling wine and Mumm Napa

    • Agency developed creative media event with '21 Bottle Salute' to provide visual appeal for TV

    • Pitched TV news producers and assignment editors on covering start of harvest at Mumm Napa

  • Results

    • An annual media event was created at the winery to mark the start of harvest and attract TV news coverage

    • Program revived TV coverage of harvest start